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GU List

The GU Membership Card has a list of unique vendors/service providers who will make your life easier.


Gather UP

Gather Up LLC «GU» is an Egyptian limited liability company located in the city of Sheikh Zayed, Giza, Egypt.
The aim of GU is to make the lives of residents and businesses in the Sheikh Zayed Community rewarding by bringing together businesses and customers.

When & How can I be part of the vendor list?

You can join our list anytime, please message us directly on the Facebook page or email us at: info@gatherup-eg.com

Does the card include our Families or is it only for personal use?

The card is for personal use..
When purchasing the card you need to write your correct Name/phone number & Card serial number so we can activate it through our system.

How much is the card and how can we get it?

The card is for EGP 300 and is currently being sold at zinnia flowers, Ruffles house & laser Home ONLY.