Gather Up LLC «GU» is an Egyptian limited liability company located in the city of Sheikh Zayed, Giza, Egypt. The aim of GU is to make the lives of residents and businesses in the Sheikh Zayed Community rewarding by bringing together businesses and customers.
GU is not just a discount card. It is a continuous effort of making the lives of our community members more rewarding by offering them a list of premium vendors, service providers, clinics, gyms, hospitals and much more. Our members will enjoy the services offered by the different service providers, our true partners in making our community more united and connected. GU was based on a platform of the great lady members of our Gather Up Facebook Group. This group was the initial step to bring our community together. The GU Membership Card is a second step to further unite and strengthen our community. GU will have much more to offer to our community members
in the near future. Our aim is always to make your life more rewarding in all aspects